Arrowgrove School of Erotic Writing

"Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it; write something to suit everybody and scarcely anyone will care for it."

—Jesse Stuart

You Can Be a Successful Erotica Writer

Imagine being able to express your deepest sexual fantasies—and getting a paycheque for it too. Erotica is a rapidly expanding market that's always in need of passionate writers like you. With the help of our comprehensive course, you can turn your most sensual desires into highly profitable stories for magazines and books.

Our distance learning course will teach you how to effectively transfer thoughts from the depths of your mind to professional erotica—short stories, novels and "letters" that sell and keep on selling. No matter what your stories feature—from straight sex to bondage and S&M—we can help you write publishable material and find dynamic markets for your work.

Course materials are sent to you either through the Internet or regular mail. You are assigned a personal tutor—a professional in the field who will guide you through each lesson and provide you with useful advice. You work through the course in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

We have been offering writing courses in erotica for over twenty years. Many of our students have published successfully, and with professional guidance, so can you. We have extensive experience in the field and know what it takes to achieve success. To learn more information about the school and the course, follow the links on the right.