Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Writing about sexual themes has always been one of my hobbies but I've never been published. Will my tutor give me the skills I need to sell my erotica?

A. Yes. You'll learn valuable skills that will help you target your work to the right market. Publications in erotica tend to specialize in sub-genres that cover specific kinds of sexuality. Our instructors have been selling their own erotic work for years—whatever your tutor knows about the industry, you will know too.

Q. Does the school keep a percentage of the money I make from writing erotica?

A. Not at all. You keep all the money you make from selling your work. We want all our students to succeed, and only ask that you keep us informed about your accomplishments.

Q. Will you show me how to break into international markets?

A. If you write in English, there are two worthwhile markets for erotica: Britain and the United States. Your tutors are familiar with both of these. Most of the publishers will buy worldwide rights from you. You'll be paid extra if your work is translated and sold in other languages. Your publisher takes care of this.

Q. How far can I go with the sexual component of my writing?

A. Our course will provide you with a detailed guideline of what's considered acceptable and what isn't. Our tutors have been writing erotica for years, and they know exactly what editors want.

Q. My friends and relatives would be shocked if they found out what I was writing. How can I ensure my privacy?

A. Like most erotica writers, you can write under a pen name. All the materials sent to your home will be under the discreet "Arrowgrove" label. Nobody needs to know you're studying erotica unless you choose to tell them.

Q. I'm having trouble choosing between romance writing and erotica. How can I decide?

A. If sex is what's driving your writing, then go with erotica. If characters, plots and sub-plots are your passion, then romance is for you. You can also start with either erotica or romance writing and switch to the other one if you find it's not your scene.

Q. Is the course tax deductible?

A. Yes it is tax deductible in Canada. You may well be able to make claims in other countries if you can show that you are trying to earn money from your writing. In Canada, we'll provide you with an official tax receipt. If you don't pay tax, you may be able to transfer the credit over to your spouse.

Q. Will I have an opportunity to review the course before I commit?

A. Yes. You have 21 days from the time of delivery to review the material in your own home. If you decide it's not right for you, simply send it back to us through registered post and you'll receive a full refund.

Q. Can I send and receive work online?

A. Yes. Our school is fully equipped for e-learning. You will have your own private place on our web server protected by a password where you can store your work and pick up your tutor's comments and advice. You can work on the course anyplace you have Internet access.