Meet Your Tutors

Here are some of the professional writers who are dedicated to helping you achieve success. Under the guidance of your personal tutor, you can accomplish your writing goals and fulfill your dream of getting published.

Madeline Moore

Madeline Moore's short stories have appeared in a number of magazines and many anthologies including Maxim Jakubowski's Mammoth Anthology of Best New Erotica 10 and 11, Kristina Wright's anthology Dream Lover, and Jolie du Pre's anthology The Cougar Book. Madeline's cougar tale "Get Up! Stand Up!" won her a handsome trophy and Story Teller of the Year 2011 at The Erotica Awards held annually in London, England.

She is the author of three Black Lace novels: Wild Card (winner of Scarlet Magazine's best oral sex scene 2006), Amanda's Young Men (featured in Scarlet Magazine's "Juicy Bits"), and Sarah's Education (winner of Jade Magazine's best cover art 2009).

In 2011 Madeline was invited to be part of a team of authors that helped launch the new, all digital erotic romance imprint, Mischief Books. Her petite novel, released in August 2012, is called Debutante.

In November, 2012, The Daily Mail, a U.K. newspaper, reported that a group of libraries in the UK named Madeline's novel Sarah's Education the third most titillating tale of all time.

Madeline is committed to writing and teaching others to write erotica: sometimes elegant, sometimes raunchy, always unique.

Ingrid Kee

Ingrid left college determined to make it as a poet. For four years she supported herself as a cocktail waitress, while steadily building her reputation in poetry. She earned $2,000 from her writing in a good year—until an erotic magazine bought the reprint rights to one of her sexier poems for a large fee.

Ingrid saw the light. Now she specializes in beautifully crafted erotica. Her disciplined and thorough methods of teaching ensure that students take a professional approach to their writing from the very first lesson.