What Is Erotica and Who Writes It?

Erotica. It's a word that triggers a wide range of emotions. For some people, it's forbidden territory where they would never dare to tread. But, for others like you, it's a stimulating source of pleasure and escapeā€”a place where secret fantasies are unlocked and deepest desires are fulfilled.

Just as with other genres, your ultimate goal in writing Erotica is to stir specific feelings in the reader. Mystery writers aim to keep their readers in suspense, comic writers hope to make them laugh. In Erotica, your goal is simply to arouse both physical and emotional pleasure through words.

Some people in society look down on Erotica. But they don't realize this genre is a well-crafted art form that's been practiced for many centuries. Plato and Ovid both wrote works that were boldly sexual. Chaucer in England, Rabelais in France, and Boccaccio in Italy all produced tales that were not too different from the erotic works published today.

You may be wondering who writes erotica. You might be surprised to know that more women than men take our course. If you think that writers of erotica are weird and kinky, on the whole, they are not. Our students of Erotica love writing first and foremost. They have a genuine interest in sexuality and they recognize that Erotica is a major genre with many publishers looking for fresh and exciting material.

Erotica has a history that's older than any other genre. Its geography is global. Its appeal is international. With the help of our course, you can master this exciting craft that's been captivating huge audiences for centuries.